Contest: Get through the dog days of summer with a Steam copy of Dog Duty


I don’t think you’ll be doing much petting

Today’s contest features some Steam copies of tactical action game Dog Duty!

I’ve always love it when you took normal words and added an abstract prefix to specify that it’s somehow more special. Like having space-sex or taking an aqua-dump. Dog Duty goes HAM on the octo-prefix, and I love it. I want everything to be an octo-. Including my dad!

Take on the octo-army and win a Steam key for Dog Duty! You’ll be octo-glad you octo-did.

Octo-read this octo-summary from Soedesco!

Control a squad of misfits as they go up against some evil bigwig Octopus Commander and his army who are threatening world-peace. In this fun, fast-paced Real Time Tactics game, you go into combat and use guerrilla warfare to eliminate all octo-scum. Fight on top of your moving vehicle as you go from island to island to liberate outposts and defeat wicked bosses in their crazy octo-machines. Wreck those squids up, but beware, they’re well-armed.


  • Assemble a 3-person squad and fight in Real Time Squid combat
  • Liberate outposts to cut-off weapon, armor and other octo-supplies
  • Defeat epic bosses and kill your way to the Evil Octopus Commander
  • Fight on top of your armored octo-frying vehicle while driving

Apparently the devs drew inspiration from Commandos and G.I. Joe, and it shows! Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

To enter to win a copy, comment below telling us the most devious octo-item the octo-army could employ to take over humanity. If they had their way, they’d make everyone waste time on a Saturday afternoon going to their octo-gender reveal party. This is probably the most fiendish plan ever devised.

We have 10 Steam Early Access keys to give away; winners will be drawn on Monday, September 2. Make sure to comment using a Dtoid account with your current email address on file. New to Destructoid? Sign up here to make your own octo-account.

Dog Duty is available now on Steam Early Access. We’ve got more keys over at PC Invasion, so check them out, too!