Contest: Deform your foes in Morphies Law: Remorphed for Switch and PC


Honey, I shrunk my opponents. And blew them up.

In today’s contest, we’re giving away PC and Switch copies of wacky online shooter Morphies Law: Remorphed!

I’m going to lead with this bit of information: Morphies Law: Remorphed has a buttrocket. Yes, a rocket. In your butt. Which propels you upward across the map. I feel like this alone should be enough to make you enter this contest.

For those of you who need more convincing, I guess read on below. We’ve got some PC and Switch copies of Morphies Law: Remorphed to give away so you can buttrocket your way to victory.

For anyone who played the original release of Morphies Law and thought it needed some rebalancing and extra features, you’re in luck! Remorphed has added a slew of new features, including dedicated servers, crossplay between the PC and Switch versions, new weapons, new customization tools, and for the PC version, a free-to-play mode called Fartnight. Yes, Fartnight. In it, players can play most game modes free until their 30-minute timer is up. After that, sound effects are replaced by farts. You can buy tokens to unlock features you’d like to keep, piecemeal-style, or you can just keep farting around. Up to you.

If you haven’t played it, here’s what you’ve got in store:

  • Morphing robots: the Morphies have 8 body parts that grow and shrink individually, and each body part has a direct effect on your actions.
  • Plugins for your body: each body part has a unique Plugin to help you change your strategy. Unlock new Plugins to create new strategies!
  • Make your own weapons: you can unlock weapon parts and combine them at will to make the perfect weapon for you! There are 77 possible weapon combinations!
  • Unique game modes: 4 mass-based game modes with different goals but with one thing in common: size always matters more than kills!
  • Maps with unique features: each of the 8 maps has a unique mass-related feature that’ll make it different from the rest!
  • Customize your Morphie: make your Morphie truly unique! You can choose from premade options, make your own custom ones and much more!

Fartnight? More like fartnight lol. Oh, wait, they beat me to the joke.

To enter to win your copy, comment below telling us your platform of choice. Then, tell us how you’d use your buttrocket. Would you use it for good? For evil? For neutral purposes? You’ve got a butt, so sound off!

We have four Steam and three Switch NA copies to give away; winners will be drawn Tuesday, September 3. Make sure to comment using a Dtoid account with your current email address on file. New to Destructoid? Start your buttrockets and sign up here.

Morphies Law: Remorphed is available now for PC and Switch. Our sister sites, PC Invasion and Nintendo Enthusiast, have some keys up for grabs, so head there for more chances to win!