Homeworld 3 announced by Blackbird Interactive at PAX West


The Age of S’jet continues

It’s actually happening. Long after becoming an in-joke/pipe dream for aging PC gamers, Homeworld 3is a thing that will be coming to computer shelves sooner or later. Gearbox, who picked up the rights for the franchise and produced theHomeworld Remastered Collection, dropped the announcement at PAX West earlier.The game will be developed by Canadian studioBlackbird Interactive, a group of ex-Relic developers that created the non-space-basedHomeworld: Deserts of Kharakprequel title. Something called Homeworld Mobilewas also announced, though details beyond the title (and presumed status as a mobile/tablet game) were not forthcoming.

Alongside the announcement was a Fig-based crowdfunding “campaign” for Homeworld 3, though the campaign itself, with a lofty goal of 1$, appears to be more of a preorders stunt than an actual attempt to fund development.

Blackbird have uploaded a teaser trailer featuring a sequence evoking the “Mothership launch” scene from past games, a look at some new Scout craft, Homeworld‘s iconic engine trails, and a glimpse of someone who is probably Karan S’jet, aka my space mom.