Human: Fall Flat just got another free level


Pipe dreams

If you’re patient (and you have a good co-op buddy), Human: Fall Flat is the gift that keeps on giving. Developer No Brakes added another free level to the manic physics platformer this week. The level, Steam, is a short but sweet series of trials and tribulations involving pipes, barrels, and a huge crane.

Steam was previously available on, uh, Steam the PC games platform, I mean but now the level has also joined Human: Fall Flat on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It’s admittedly less substantial than the prior free content update, Dark, but if you enjoyed grabbing hold of a windmill and launching your pudgy avatar far into the distance in the main game, you’ll get a kick out of Steam too.

I got stuck for a ridiculous amount of time trying to bust open a chained door. It wouldn’t be a puzzle-platformer without me racking my brain over an obvious solution sitting right there in front of me.

Set aside half an hour whenever you’re in the mood for co-op shenanigans. That’s plenty of time.