Contest: Grab your nuts and don't let go in wacky party game Save Your Nuts


Switch, Steam, and Xbox One keys up for grabs

In today’s contest you can win wacky multiplayer game Grab Your Nuts for Switch, Xbox One, and Steam!

Here at Dtoid, we have a long-running history of genital-based humor and innuendo. It’s why any time there’s a game that throws in some crass crotch humor into its gameplay or title, I automatically take notice. It’s a side effect of years of being on the site, for sure.

Save Your Nuts fits right into our storied history of junk-based lols, so grab your bonch and win a copy for yourself!

In this multiplayer party game (oddly reminiscent of Rocket League) you objective is clear: Save your nuts and prevent the other players from messing with them. It’s easy! You’ll pick one of several cute critters to scurry around in three game modes across ten levels in nut-based mayhem. Each animal comes with a special power, and its own customizations, so you can have a personalized nut-scapade as you dash, dig, and ding your way across each arena. With power-ups and environmental hazards, you and up to eight friends or AI bots can have fun all day in both local and online multiplayer madness.

Also, tons of nut jokes. Who doesn’t love that?

To enter to win, use the widget below to leave your name and email address, and tell us which platform you’d like. You can enter daily. For bonus entries, follow the instructions in there so you can increase your odds of winning.

We have a bunch of keys to give away for Switch NA & EU, Xbox One, and Steam across our network, so just make sure you tell us which you want. Winners will be drawn Friday, April 24.

Save Your Nuts is available now on Switch, Steam, and Xbox One.

Contest: Grab your nuts and don’t let go in wacky party game Save Your Nuts