Watch speedrunners do their thing for Corona Relief Done Quick


Burning through almost 50 games in three days

[Update: Corona Relief Done Quick continues today. As of this writing, the team has raised an amazing $220,000. There’s still some great games ahead, including Pokémon Sword, Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Metroid. Check it out!]

The annual Summer Games Done Quick marathon live-stream event was pushed into August, but the speedruns can’t stop. A new stream for 2020, Corona Relief Done Quick, kicked off today on Twitch.

When I hopped onto the stream, Sonic Mania was running – a good omen if I’ve ever seen one.

Corona Relief Done Quick is a miniature stay-at-home version of past Games Done Quick events. It’s a three-day sprint through new and old video games in support of Direct Relief, an organization assisting “all 50 states and more than 80 countries” with COVID-19 relief efforts. Donations are sorely needed.

Beyond personal protective equipment, the nonprofit supports “U.S. community clinics and health centers with chronic disease medications to make sure that people living with these conditions do not go into acute crisis as a result of the surge of people needing medical care due to COVID-19.”

I’m terrible about making time for particular games and tend to bounce in and out of these streams when I can, but if you’re more punctual, here’s the Corona Relief Done Quick game schedule.

I’ll never get tired of seeing people crush Dark Souls (tonight at ~7:30 p.m. Pacific) and Resident Evil 7 (tomorrow at ~8:15 p.m.), and while I haven’t finished Ori and the Will of the Wisps yet, I’m so tempted to spoil myself rotten. A half-hour speedrun of the gorgeous new metroidvania sounds entertaining.

If you’ve got time to kill this weekend, consider throwing the stream on in the background. The lineup is mostly classic speedrun fodder, but they’re tearing up Doom Eternal tomorrow at ~5:00 p.m.