Contest: Win the Sleep Tight Monster Box!


Five runners-up will receive a Steam key

[Winners are being drawn tomorrow, so get your entries in now!]

As a big fan of monsters, spooky things, and pillow forts, I’m excited about this one: The fine folks over at We Are Fuzzy have given us one of their exclusive Monster Box editions of their upcoming game Sleep Tight! I thought about keeping it for myself, but I guess I have to give it to one of you guys, instead. Stupid rules.

Sleep Tight is a twin-stick shooter with pillow-fort-building elements, because hell yeah it is! You play as a kid trying to defend the living room from the monsters that creep out at night in hopes of grabbing a quick midnight snack, and you’ll use guns, turrets, and traps to thwart their efforts. This game looks cute and fun and awesome, and I’m excited as heck for it.

To celebrate the game’s July 26 release, we’re giving away one Monster Box edition and five Steam keys for the game itself. The Monster Box includes:

  • Switch game case with a Switch and Steam key of the game
  • The Art of Sleep Tight artbook
  • Sleep Tight t-shirt
  • Hand-painted monster figurine
  • Exclusive artwork
  • Limited edition packaging

To enter, comment below with recommendations for my pillow fort. I’m planning on having one installed in my living room to help protect me from the monsters in my house, and am open to suggestions for features. I’ve already got my “No Terrys Allowed” sign ordered, so I’m all set there.

In order to win, you MUST have a Dtoid account with your current email address on file. That’s the only way I can get your contact info, so if I can’t find your info I won’t be able to give you free things. Help me help you, folks.

Winners will be drawn on launch day, July 26.