Control is still raking in players and sales for Remedy Entertainment


This Ol’ House was home and comfort

Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment has posted its financial results for the most recent quarter, revealing that — among other releases — its reality-bending 2019 adventure Control continues to pull in new sales and players two years after its original release, essentially becoming the strongest and most enduring release in Remedy’s storied oeuvre.

Control has reached somewhere in the region of 10 million players, a number which was substantially boosted earlier in 2021 by the PS5 and Xbox Series X editions of the mysterious third-person title, which sees a federal agent combat frightening otherworldly phenomenon threatening to invade her physical reality. Control was also made available to PlayStation Plus subscribers back in February, which no doubt led to further interest in the game’s DLC expansions The Foundation and AWE. This “free” release was potentially something of a “make-good” for the controversy at the end of 2020, where Remedy revealed that only select Control owners would receive free next-gen upgrades.

Despite not releasing any new titles, 2020 proved to be a record year for Remedy. The studio is now confident that its steady growth since Control‘s launch puts the team in a more comfortable and secure position to start working with other developers and publishers on new projects. Remedy is already in cahoots with Epic Games on two separate titles, one of which is expected to be the studio’s next big-budget, AAA release — with the rumor mill whispering Alan Wake 2.

As for Control, Remedy has unsurprisingly already laid out its plans for a sequel, though it might be some years before we hear more from this. The current-generation consoles are renown for their high-speed load times and ability to shift numerous game planes in the blink of an eye, which sounds absolutely perfect for Control‘s dimension-hopping ways.

Agent Jesse Faden better stock up on travel sickness tablets, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.