Convince your mom you're not a slob in Good Impression


Double scrubble

I’m anything but a neat freak. My room/office/small living space is a constant mess. Laundry litters the floor while old wrappers and junk mail compete for desk space alongside my computer and PlayStation 4. It’s a pigsty.

Good Impression is a game I can relate to. It’s about cleaning up a messy apartment really fast. Created by Ellian as part of Ludum Dare 37, Good Impression captures the difficulty and anxiety that stems from having to clean up after yourself on super short notice.

In Good Impression, you have three minutes to throw away empty pizza boxes, hide dirty underwear, and scrub stains from the floor before your mother shows up at your apartment. Nobody wants their mom to know that she raised a disgusting slob of a human, so Good Impression dangles maternal disappointment as a catalyst for serious speed cleaning.

It’s short and frantic as hell. Good Impression makes every second count as you move around the apartment and try to make it look like the kind of place a functional member of society might live. The simple task of cleaning becomes a mad-dasheffort, which anyone who has ever had a visitor stop by on short notice will instantly relate to.

After three minutes, your mom shows up and inspects your digs. She grades your cleanliness and comments on any bizarre choices you’ve made in the process of getting ready for her arrival. For me, this meant a few awkward questions about why I always seem to leave cold pizza under my bed sheets.

Good Impression is available free. Check it out instead of actually cleaning your room, it’s way more fun.