Cookie Clicker is still being updated and it's as weird as ever


Down for some good old spirit worship?

Dang it all, there’s a new Cooke Clicker update and I couldn’t resist reading up on it.

If “reading up on it” sounds like code for “running the game in a tab and letting it sabotage my productivity every eight seconds,” you know the score. Consider moonlighting as a detective.

Cookie Clicker update is now live, featuring sugar lumps, spirit worship and spellcasting!

— Orteil (@Orteil42) July 15, 2017

Sugar lumps, spirit worship, and spellcasting, you say? I’m intrigued and also afraid of the time commitment that’s surely required to dig into this stuff proper. I’m still amassing banks!

“This is the first of a series of updates that should eventually add new features or minigames to every building,” wrote designer Julien Thiennot. “Stay tuned for more fun stuff, eventually!”

Another recent post from the developer mentions scouts. They’ll “return in the factory dungeons minigame, to be released at some point later (but not before some other simpler, lower-scope minigames) (farms come to mind),” according to Thiennot. “I know I’ve been hinting at dungeons since the game first released 4 years ago and by golly I’m going to do them and I’m going to do them right.”

I need to get the heck outta here before history repeats itself.