Cotton Sega Saturn classics will glide onto PC soon


Bring me All The Willow

City Connection has announced that it is currently in the process of porting Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute to the PC platform, following on from its recent release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The trilogy of classic shmups is expected to take flight on Steam at some point in the first quarter of the year.

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute is a compact collection of titles taken from the mischievous witch’s Sega Saturn adventures. The retro release is comprised of Cotton 2 (1997), Cotton Boomerang (1998), and a third, thematically similar release, Guardian Force (1998). The three classic shmup titles all feature sharp remastered pixel visuals and a selection of quality-of-life options, such as auto-fire, save states, and rewind functions.

The PS4 and Nintendo Switch edition of Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute was criticized by players due to an input delay issue, which rendered the titles somewhat frustrating to play. Shmups, like fighting games, live and die on their responsiveness, where even just a few frame hiccups can lead to a hair-pulling experience. Fortunately, City Connection has been working on a patch, which it expects to be ready for launch in early February. No doubt the PC edition will launch with the fix already installed.

In addition to Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute, fans looking for more old-school cool can also enjoy the 2021 remake Cotton Reboot on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. An all-new sequel, Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll, is also currently in development and expected to arrive later in 2022.