Crazy Rich Asians is making WB (relatively) crazy rich


Box office round up

Sorry, I had to force that headline, but if I don’t get to write terrible pun headlines what’s the point of all this?

It’s a little true, too. While Crazy Rich Asiansisn’t pulling in Marvel money, its $25 million box office means that it only dropped 5.7 percent from last weekend. That’s basically unheard of. Most films lose 30-40 percent of their box office weekend week-to-week. Dropping just five is insane. Some of this is because a chunk of last week’s box office was made during its early opening Wednesday, which isn’t traditionally counted in the weekend cume, but even with that in mind, that’s a stunningly small drop. Given there’s a holiday weekend coming up things are looking very bright for WB.

Oh, The Megis also still killing it. Possibly because of little action alternatives entering the market, the film came in second with $13 million. One would think that the “giant shark eating humans” crowd would overlap a lot with “sexually active puppets” crowd, but The Happytime Murderscouldn’t tear them away from Statham face-punching a shark. I mean, it could also be that the Happytime Murderswasn’t fun or all that enjoyable and no one wanted to see it.

It’s the latter half of August, though, so this is what we get. Movies are either going to be hidden gems or complete wastes that the studio knew sucked. We’re stuck here wallowing in one crummy release weekend after another until we get the holiday releases starting to rev up. There’s a few intriguing things landing that could work thanks to the brief horror bump from Halloween, but this is the worst time of year for movies.

1.Crazy Rich Asians–$25,010,0002.The Meg– $13,030,0003.The Happytime Murders$10,020,0004.Mission: Impossible – Fallout–$8,000,0005.Christopher Robin–$6,340,0006. Mile 22–$6,030,0007.Alpha–$5,600,0008.BlacKkKlansman–$5,345,0009.A.X.L.–$2,939,35610.Slender Man– $2,785,000