Creativity trounces objectivity in the latest N.A. Splatfest


Emotion beats logic everytime

While it wasn’t as high profile as the recent Transformers-themed contest, this weekend’s Splatfest worked to dig a little deeper into the collective psyche of the Splatoon fandom. The two concepts at odds this time around were Art and Science, or as the kids today might say, feels and reals.

I expected Art to get both the popular vote and the majority of games won, asSplatoon has proven to be a huge hit with creative types. My guess ended up being well founded, but not that well founded. Art won the vote and the fight by just two percent in both categories, making this one of the closest Splatfests in Spaltoon‘s brief history.

I’m betting that Science did so well because Art is a lot harder to define. If you’re like me, you think of anything from an expressive new form of potato chip to an affectionate hug as a work of art, then there was really no contest here. I get that without science we wouldn’t have cars or medicine or the Internet; but without the ability to convey our emotions, what would any of that be worth? Science without art would lead to pretty robotic existence. Just ask the Borg.