Cris Tales introduces our hero's charming party of allies


Beat the clock, you gotta beat the clock

This weekend saw the UK put the clocks forward one hour, and hoo-boy am I feeling it. It’s times like these I wish I had the power of characters such as Crisbell, the protagonist of Modus Games’ Cris Tales. Crisbell is a Time Mage, y’see, and for her putting the clock forward, or backward, is as simple as a blink. That’s the superpower I’d like the most. At least I’d get some dang sleep.

But Crisbell isn’t the only magical, mystical individual living in CrisTales‘ fantasy kingdom of Crystalis. And while on her quest to confront the villainous Empress of the Ages, Crisbell will meet a huge cast of characters, offering assistance or impeding progress as our hero pushes ever closer to a destiny that will affect each and every one of them.

You can get an introduction to some of these characters in the above trailer, which gives us a glimpse of Crisbell herself, her dapper frog companion Matias, and her childlike tutor Willhelm. Also stopping by are brave warrior Cristopher, high-spirited nomad Zas, and the enigmatic android JKR-721. These are among the allies who will aid Crisbell as she journeys across four kingdoms, in her fight to free Crystalis from the Empress’ time tyranny.

Launching on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch platforms in July, Modus Games describes Cris Tales as a “gorgeous indie love-letter to classic JRPGs.” With lavish and vibrant hand-drawn art and a warm fantasy storyline, Cris Tales looks right up my alley, and is a title I’m very much looking forward to. Given the mediocre response to last year’s demo, I’m approaching with caution, but developers Dreams Unincorporated and SYCK are aware of the community’s critique, delaying the title in order to address said concerns. Hopefully, stopping the clock will pay dividends come the intriguing title’s eventual launch.