Crytek releases The Climb for Oculus Rift


This is what the studio has been up to

Even with full safety gear, reassuring floor mats, and those dorky little shoes, rock climbing indoors is something I find to be both scary and exhilarating. I can’t even entertain the idea of free climbing out in nature, but virtually? Maybe! Steven’s extended impressions of The Climb certainly intrigued me.

The Oculus Rift game released today for $49.99. Higher than you were expecting? Me too.

The Climb has three locations (Canyon, Alps, and the “Asia-themed” Bay) for its main campaign as well as an endless practice wall, six bouldering routes, challenges, and a lower-stress Tourist mode with simplified gameplay meant for players to better take in their surroundings.

When I saw this part of the trailer, my stomach instinctively churned. Good lord.