Cutesy party fighter Super Slime Arena slides onto consoles later this year


De Blobs

The appropriately named indie developer JellyTeam, alongside publisher Dangen Entertainment, have released a trailer for the chaotic and silly fighter Super Slime Arena, which is headed to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year.

The charming arcade title, already available on PC, features the unique mechanic of having players cycle through a random selection of “slimes”, each equipped with their own skills and abilities. Getting K.O.’d is a one-hit affair, so upon seeing which is your chosen slime, you must think fast to utilise that slime’s particular skill-set to get the drop on your opponents. Over 50 players are supported in the original PC release, with each defeated player respawning as one of 32 unique globules.

Five different modes and 12 varied and unique stages are on offer, each featuring their own layouts and hazards. Super Slime Arena is painted with a 16-bit visual style and scored by a retro-inspired soundtrack. Gameplay is described as “embracing equal parts accessibility and chaos”, so it looks like it will be a great title to break out at any multiplayer soiree.

Super Slime Arena is available on PC now and is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Switch later this year.