Cyberpunk CCG Glitch Hunter launches today on Kickstarter


Sometimes a change in setting is all that’s necessary to interest new players

Glitch Hunter is Estonia-basedOne More Rabbit’scyberpunkinterpretation ofthe collectable card game for digital platforms. It’s taking the project to Kickstarter today in hopes of raising the $63,000necessary to make this promising free-to-play CCG a reality.

The game is set in afuturistic, dystopian world where mega-corporations,renegade console cowboys, and vicious street gangsall viefor control of the “Hypernet,” a network through which all ofthe world of Glitch Hunter‘s commerce, information, and energy is traded.

Glitch Hunterwill play out in real-time 1vs1 multiplayer withthree available game modes: Casual, Ranked, and Jacked — a special draft mode with an entry fee whereplayers of similar skill levels can take one another on to earn rewards. There’s also a speed chess-like modifier called the Doomsday switch; once enabled, both players receive increased resources, but the game endsif the timer runs out.

One More Rabbit has definitely caught myeye with Glitch Hunter. Its gritty, cyberpunklook and atmosphere are far more inviting to me thanthe fantasy-centric games I’ve encountered in the CCG genre. If successfully funded, I could easily imagine myself putting in some serious time into the game, especially so because of its free-to-play nature.

You can find out more about the game’sbasic mechanics and the various backer rewards on its Kickstarter page; however, if you want amore in-depth explanation of the game’s rules, you can find those here on the Core Game Rules page.

Glitch Hunter [Kickstarter]