Cyberpunk cinematic platformer The Last Night looks rad


Raw Fury signed on as publisher

This teaser trailer for Odd Tales’ The Last Night has mere seconds of non-logo footage and yet here I am sharing it with you lovely people. It checks off more than a few boxes with its cyberpunk setting, eye-catching art direction (wait’ll you see the gif), and genre influences (Another World, Flashback).

I’m not sure if we ever covered it here on the site or if it just made the rounds on the community blogs, but The Last Night was preceded by a game-jam entry of the same a couple years ago, and it’s playable to this day right in your browser. It seems so dang familiar! Maybe you’ll feel the same way.

The story here is that The Last Night has been thriving behind the scenes all these years and now we’re preparing to show the world what Odd Tales is creating,” said the publisher. I want to see more.

The Last Night [Raw Fury]

[Disclosure: Raw Fury’s Hamza Aziz previously wrote for Destructoid. As always, no relationships, personal or professional, were factored into this news post.]