Cyberpunk survival game Atrio: The Dark Wild is one to watch


I can’t fully process what I’m even looking at, but I dig it

I’ve had my fill of survival games these past several years, but then again, maybe I haven’t.

That’s my reaction after watching the first trailer for Atrio: The Dark Wild, a cyberpunk survival game about building an automated base, capturing strange creatures to handle your legwork, and exploring an isometric world “filled to the brim with surprises and mysterious things to discover.” It’s a looker!

The mostly mood-setting trailer and sparse summary leave a lot to the imagination, but for now, that’s just enough to get by. I’m interested enough in the art direction alone to try and commit the name Atrio to memory while we wait for more marketing beats leading up to the February 2020 launch on PC.

Also, I respect any game that’s willing to use one of its four bullet points on “pooping deer.”