'The end is almost in sight' for Skyblivion, the long-time-coming Oblivion mod for Skyrim


I can’t wait to piss off the guards again

It might not always feel like it, but the mission to bring Oblivion into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is moving forward, slowly but surely. The modders behind the ambitious Skyblivion project released another teaser trailer today, and while we don’t have a release date yet and likely won’t anytime soon the creators feel like their tireless work is “finally shaping up to what we can call a proper video game.”

This footage brings me right back to 2006. Matter of fact, let me take you there too.

Remember this screenshot? Or how about this one? Maybe even this little ditty? As dated as the game looks nowadays, I distinctly remember marveling at Oblivion at the time. It felt so grand. It felt so full of possibilities. I was so wholly immersed in setting out on adventures and covering every inch of Cyrodiil.

Whenever it ultimately ends up launching, Skyblivion is sure to rekindle those same feelings.

“It’s been a long ride but we are finally at a point where the end is almost in sight,” according to TESRenewal project lead Rebelzize. “Our exterior world map is nearing its final stages of development meaning it’s close to being completed.”

“Creatures, flora, weapons, armors and 3D assets in general are being implemented and produced at a rapid pace and as a result the world is starting to feel alive,” he continued. “The world is now inhabited by wild animals walking about and monsters trying to kill you at every corner. Quests have also made some great progress though a lot of debugging still needs to be done to make everything work as smoothly as possible.”

As ever, Skyblivion will be free on its own, though you will need a copy of Skyrim (including Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn) and Oblivion (including Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles) to play.