In this episode of Pregame Discharge: DayZ was banned down under for being too dank!


Could you hear it?

While Lyle continues to showcase his art gallery across time and space, here’s what’s been happening in video games this past week:

  • Team Fortress 2 might be switching engines!
  • DayZ has been banned in Australia thanks to that pesky jazz cabbage!
  • Fight Crab is out in early access and more!

Ah yes, the age-old discussion of art and what qualifies as it. I’ve long since given up trying to categorize what should or shouldn’t be “art” in my own head since that time I read about Clint Eastwood’s daughter burning a $100,000 handbag as an art-thing.

So, if that’s art, then I applaud Lyle for dipping into the realm of avant-garde art that aims to shame people across space and time. Who am I to judge a man trying to judge others across the known universe?

Discharged question of the week: what would you do with $100,000? This may or may not be a trick question meant to be displayed as Lyle’s next art piece (which aims to shame you).