Development of a new Saints Row title well underway at Volition


Grab your tiger and your octopus gun

As part of its latest financial report, THQ Nordic has noted that a brand new title the brain-bending Saints Row franchise is already in the works over at its stalwart studio Volition.

The new entry in the over-the-top, open-world, crime sim series is already noted as been “deep in development” and will be the first fully-fledged sequel since the super-power themed Saints Row IV, which hit the shelves back in 2013.

While no further details were forthcoming, one can probably expect the rampant violence, bizarre humour and shades of purple. All of which have been a series trademark since Saints Row The Third’s tonal shift, which reinvented the series as an overblown, chaotic, “anything goes” alternative to games such as Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto.

The untitled Saints Row game is currently in development at Volition for future release.

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