Dadish combines snark and dad puns, so of course I'm writing about it


He’s a dad, and a radish!

Take note, developers: If you want me to write about your game on this Very Professional And Serious Gaming Blog, you need to either make your game very weird, or incorporate dad puns into its title. I wasn’t on staff here when Octodad released, so I missed my chance there, but I’ve still got a storied history of writing about weird games.

Dadish, by indie developer CatCup Games, falls into this very specific criteria, so I felt compelled to share this news with you. You’re welcome, fellow gamers.

Dadish is a mobile (WAIT DON’T LEAVE!) platformer that follows a radish — who’s also a dad — trying to reunite with his radish kids. Along his path, he’ll encounter platforming tropes such as spikes, pits, random shit flying at him and, of course, food-based enemies — like hamburgers and pizza. You know, normal enemies? Built specifically for touch screens, the game promises intuitive controls that will eliminate the need for on-screen buttons and other obstacles.

Now admittedly, I wouldn’t normally cover a mobile game like this. But geez, can ya blame me? The press kit specifically lays out features such as “Dialog that is funny, but not TOO funny,” and “The joys of fatherhood.” It’s also cute as heck, and who doesn’t love a good dad pun?! This is the kind of game made specifically with me in mind.

Dadish releases on Android and iOS February 12, and can be pre-ordered now. I don’t know how pre-ordering something free works, but welcome to the future.