Dark Souls' Firelink Shrine looks snappy in Lego Worlds remake


Humanity not included

If you’ve played Dark Souls, there’s a solid chance Firelink Shrine is burned into your memories. It’s enchanting, a singular hub that offers respite for weary adventurers in an otherwise hostile world.

With the recent release of Dark Souls Remastered, there’s never been a better time to revisit Firelink Shrine. It looks great with a fresh coat of current-gen paint. Its cozy nooks and kooky inhabitants go a long way towards making Dark Souls such a magical game. But if you’re eager to see the iconic setting from another perspective, Reddit user MythicMarty’s spin on Firelink is well worth a look.

MythicMarty remade Firelink Shrine in Lego Worlds. No brick is left unturned. It’s damn near perfect.

MythicMarty’s video is both a testament to Lego Worldsopen-ended building tools and Firelink’s instantly recognizable layout. Everything’s there:the ruined arches, those annoying skeletons in the graveyard, and even item pick-ups. Doubly impressive is the fact that MythicMarty was able to translate Dark Souls’ combat mechanics so accurately. The spear attacks and rolling animations match up pretty well, all things considered.

According to a Reddit post, MythicMarty built the Lego version of Firelink Shrine in a month. The accompanying video footage — including HUD elements and NPC voice lines added using Adobe After Effects — took three days to compile. And the rest, it seems, is destined to be viral history. I hope we’ll have a chance to see the Chosen Undead Minifigure make it to Anor Londo some day.

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