Dark Souls III beaten without rolling, blocking, parrying, or leveling up


Got gud

Themost committed Dark Soulsplayers are always finding new ways to make these games seem as if they’re simple affairs. You know, as if they aren’t incredibly difficult games. Why else would someone beat Dark Souls IIwith a Rock Band guitar or with some Donkey Kongabongos?

Dark Souls IIIis still in its infancy having released only a month ago, but Twitch streamer TolomeoR has possibly laid claim to the most impressive feat yet. He beat Dark Souls IIIwithout rolling, blocking, parrying, or leveling up. You know, all those systems that make Dark Soulsseem not-impossible? He did it without them.

According to PC Gamer, Tolomeo’s run took between 50 and 60 hours. Above is a video of his encounter with the Nameless King — an optional boss that’s widely considered to be the toughest in the game. It’s not the one that gave him that most trouble, though. That honor goes to Soul of Cinder who took almost 15 hours to defeat.

Tolomeo carried the broadsword through much of the game, up until the fight with Champion Gundyr. There, he used the Priestess Ring to switch to Astora’s Straight Sword. He also made use of the Chloranthy, Flynn’s, and Lloyd’s Sword rings.

For now, Tolomeo has the most absurd run of Dark Souls III. Knowing this community, that’ll change. Someone will come up with a more ridiculous set of constraints and beat the game. That’s all part of what makes Dark Soulsplayers so much fun to admire from afar.

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