Dauntless is now on Nintendo Switch, complete with cross-play


You don’t need a paid online membership

If I was ever going to get into the free-to-play Monster Hunter alternative Dauntless, it’d probably happen on Nintendo Switch. As of this morning’s Nintendo Indie World showcase, I have something new to queue up on my lovable little console. The Switch version of Dauntless is out today.

This game has found tremendous success across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and something tells me history will repeat itself on Switch there’s an opening. As with the other versions, Switch has cross-play support. We always love it when games play nicely together across multiple platforms.

A few extra tidbits worth noting: you won’t need a Nintendo Switch Online account for co-op, and this version has a couple of cosmetic exclusives the Skyfighter Armor and the Skymetal Weapon Set.

I’m not sure when I’ll find the time to squeeze Dauntless into my schedule considering that I’m still playing Iceborne, but the portable nature of the Switch should help ease me into this familiar world.