Dead Cells has a bunch of indie game guests with the Everyone is Here update


A luchador, penitent one, and vessel walk into a bar…

[Update: After the initial PC launch, the Everyone is Here indie crossover update for Dead Cells is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players.]

It’s a feel-good moment whenever indie games trade characters, but Dead Cells is going even further with six crossover protagonists stepping up to the take on The Hand of the King. In the newly-released Everyone is Here update, Dead Cells has added weapons and outfits based on Hollow Knight, Blasphemous, Guacamelee, Hyper Light Drifter, Curse of the Dead Gods, and Skul: The Hero Slayer. Pretty great cast of characters here, right?

Of course, this is Dead Cells, so you’ll have to put in a bit of work beforehand. To unlock the “Independent Legends” crossover weapons, you’ll want to look out for lore rooms that can randomly appear while running through the Prisoners’ Quarters, and there’s also a “book of clues” with hints about in-game feats you can pull off to unlock the outfits.

Here’s a quick rundown of the crossover weapons:

  • Hollow Knight: The Pure Nail can attack upward and downward. Attacking downward while airborne causes you to bounce on your enemies, dealing critical damage.
  • Hyper Light Drifter: The Hyper Light Gun marks its targets while also dealing damage. The Sword deals critical damage to the marked targets, increasing with the number of gun marks on the target. Sword hits also recharge the gun’s ammo, which doesn’t recharge passively.
  • Blasphemous: Crush the Face Flask on your forehead, dealing low damage to yourself and transforming 35 percent of your missing health into recovery.
  • Guacamelee: Channel your chicken spirit with the Pollo Power, turning into a chicken for a few seconds while firing several explosive eggs around you.
  • Skul: The Hero Slayer: Smash enemies with a bone club. Hitting with the second attack enables a whirlwind attack that deals critical damage.
  • Curse of the Dead Gods: Slash twice with a machete. The third attack uses the pistol to bump and inflict critical damage to nearby enemies. Holding the attack button charges a slow and powerful ranged attack.

As one example, I spotted this familiar bench from Hollow Knight.

The Hollow Knight lantern and bench in Dead Cells

After interacting with it, a short scene played out and I got the Pure Nail weapon.

The Pure Nail in Dead Cells

And then, once I died and returned to the starting area, there was a new book with hints describing the challenge criteria for unlocking each indie game crossover outfit.

The location of the hint book for the Everyone is Here outfits

On top of the indie game cameos, a few other minor things made it into Update 26.

On the bug front, dropping a bomb won’t interrupt your invisibility, and fire/ice affixes won’t appear on ice/fire items. Dead Cells also has a new internal log system to help with bug tracking going forward. The developers of Dead Cells say that “no personal data will be logged” and “no changes should be noticeable on your side, apart from log files appearing in your game folder, that you might want to include in future bug reports.”

You can download the Everyone is Here update for Dead Cells on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. As usual, this is free content.