Dead End Job coming to Nintendo Switch


Bustin’ makes me feel good

Dead End Job is a twin-stick shooter with a great sense of humor, and it’ll be aiming straight for your computer in the not-so-distant future.

I’m done with my pathetic attempts at slant rhyme. You can come back now. I promise, it won’t happen again…

The creators cite Ren & Stimpy as an influence on the art direction, and it’s easy to see a bit of that in the trailer below. The game will feature drop in/drop out couch co-op, but also boasts that dreaded phrase, “procedurally generated,” that seems to be so popular these days. (I lied. Rhyming is fun!)

In the words of, the developer, Ant Workshop:

You take on the role of Hector Plasm, a worker at Ghoul-B-Gone – the #1 experts in paranormal pest control. Blast ghosts and then suck them up using your trusty vacuum pack, as every ghost you catch, citizen rescued, and job completed is added to the client’s bill.

Literally haunted by your former partner and mentor who didn’t come back from a job one night, he’s training you up to earn the hallowed status of “Employee of the Month” when he claims you’ll be ready to avenge his death by taking on the mythical ghoul that killed him.

Dead End Job was just announced for the Nintendo Switch but will be seeing a simultaneous release on the platform alongside Xbox One, PS4, and PC some time between late 2018 and early 2019. It may be a bit too soon to make any serious judgement, but the game legitimately looks pretty dope.