Dead Rising 4 is coming to Steam in March


Windows 10 exclusive no more

Not content with just staying in the Microsoft “Play Anywhere” Xbox One and Windows 10 ecosystem, Capcom is moving Dead Rising 4 to Steam this coming March.The port will come roughly four months after its December 2016 launch, hitting Steam on March 14, 2017. If you pre-order now you’ll get it for 20% off, and the price will revert back to its full retail price after launch.

It’s good that Microsoft didn’t lock Capcom down in this deal with some egregious terms, like a one-year exclusivity of some kind.I mean, I understand why it happens, but the more platforms we get, the merrier. And while I don’t agree with the stripping down of some mechanics for Dead Rising 4, I’d still like to see the series live on — and Windows 10 alone on PC doesn’t instill much confidence.