Deadlight: Director's Cut currently free on


Tell me why I don’t like Mondays

Super-cheery survival horror game Deadlight: Director’s Cut is currently free to download on that bastion of cheap, good times for the PC,

Tequila Works’ bleak, post-apocalyptic wanderer is only going to be available at the low, low price of nothing for the next 48 hours, or 45:52:06 (at time of writing) to be precise. Please don’t at me with pedantry.

Released back in 2012, Deadlight sees players control a young man traveling across the West Coast in an effort to find his family, who have gone missing during a horrifying viral outbreak that has turned much of the population into chilling reanimated creatures known as “Shadows.”

So if you fancy a slice of spoopy adventure, and don’t fancy paying for it, get over to GOG right now and pick it up before it’s too late, for yourself or humanity.