Deadly Premonition 2's Le Carre seems pleasant until it seems horrifying


Trouble tracks me down

TheLe Carré tourism board does exactly half of a good job selling this quaint little town as a relaxing getaway destination. I was sold right up until “Everyone’s as happy as a dead pig in the sunshine.” The Casa Pineapple might be enough for me to throw caution to the wind.

The population is about to grow a little bit as Special Agent York comes to town. But, the population will subsequently drop as townsfolk are gruesomely murdered and fed to alligators. That’s the circle of life, I guess; York shows up and strange killings overrun the city.

Deadly Premonition 2is only two weeks out, launching on July 10 on Switch. We’re assured some bonkers writing and ridiculous overacting. Apart from that, no one really knows what to expect. It’s gonna be a wild ride one way or another.