Death Stranding Director's Cut is a $10 upgrade on PC, too


Steam and Epic Games Store upgrade available for returning PC players on March 30, 2022

The enhanced Death Stranding Director’s Cut has been exclusive to PlayStation 5 since September, but it won’t be much longer before PC players can check out some of these new features like ultra-wide support and the Cargo Catapult structure. 505 Games and Kojima Productions are releasing the Director’s Cut of this unnervingly accurate American adventure for PC on March 30, 2022, across Steam and the Epic Games Store.

How much does it cost? The upgrade is just like before on PS5.

  • If you’re an all-new player, Death Stranding Director’s Cut will cost $39.99 on PC.
  • If you’re a returning player — with the “base game installed” — then Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be a $9.99 upgrade on PC.
  • Worth noting if you’re planning to upgrade in March: the original PC version of Death Stranding is $17.99 right now in the Lunar New Year Steam Sale.

“There will be the option to transfer your progress and we’ll provide more information closer to launch,” according to the developers. That’s how it was for the PS4-to-PS5 transition as well, albeit a bit more involved than the typical seamless save-data-in-the-Xbox-ecosystem experience. (Like other PS4 games, the data first had to be “exported.”)

New to Death Stranding on PC, players will be able to tap into Intel’s Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) tech for “high graphical detail along with elevated performance.”

As for the Director’s Cut release in general, you can expect some neat but not necessarily “game-changing” additions. My favorites were the admittedly very powerful Maser Gun that could KO-zap the Mule menace, the Firing Range time-trial drills, and the Ruined Factory storyline that fleshes out certain characters, as well as Kojima and co.’s wider lore about this crazed world of delivery people, time-altering rain, and freaky apparitions.

Death Stranding Director's Cut PC ultrawide screenshotThe BB picture up top is a PS5 capture (I couldn’t resist), but this is an official PC screenshot.

You can hear my extended impressions of the Death Stranding Director’s Cut PS5 version over here, although you might find those images to be too spoilery if you’re totally uninitiated. This expanded and tweaked version of the game makes an already awesome hiking adventure game a little smoother without feeling too heavy-handed.

It’s worth the $10 upgrade, but don’t feel obligated unless you’re willing to replay it all.