Death Stranding player summons special BT with a little science experiment


Ooo, piece of candy

If you played Death Stranding, either back on PlayStation 4 or more recently with the Director’s Cut, you’re more than familiar with the BTs. These apparitions are a mix of spectral foe and environmental hazard that hamper Sam on most of his treks. But there are lots of BTs, and some are not necessarily all bad.

In fact, you might have seen a specific variant of BT that’s rather helpful during your travels. And to uncover their true nature, player “thangpv2” on the Death Stranding subreddit undertook a science experiment to catch a “white BT” in action.

By luring an NPC into an area and then blocking them in with bikes, leaving them unable to escape by normal means, this Death Stranding player summoned the white BT. The inky goop appears underneath one of the bikes and moves it out of the way, freeing the NPC to resume normal NPC actions. It’s like the world is setting itself right.

In the comments, other players share stories of these pale BTs appearing in their own playthroughs of Death Stranding, removing obstacles that were blocking paths. Reports have existed for a while of their appearances in the game, but with this neat little experiment, we’re a little closer to discovering the truth.

It’s cool that we’re several years in, with an added Director’s Cut, and people are still finding out cool little nuances within Death Stranding. I’ve enjoyed following along as players start to mess around with the cargo catapult and the other new tools the PS5 version added, but even still, I have to wonder if any deeper mysteries still linger. Well, aside from any more surprise jump-scares.