Deathverse: Let it Die announced for PS4 and PS5


The show must go on at Supertrick Games

Kicking off this afternoon’s State of Play stream, we got a look at a new game in the wacky hack-and-slash Let it Die series. The follow-up, Deathverse: Let it Die, is coming to PS4 and PS5 in spring 2022. This survival show is set hundreds of years later.

Deathverse: Let it Die players will compete in PvPvE bouts as part of the Death Jamboree, a killer reality show on an island hosted by Bryan Zemeckis and Champion Queen B, both of whom appear in the trailer. There’s already a lot of strange lore — it’s, well, everywhere.

“Use state-of-the-art weaponry to dazzle crowds, and customize your own original character with upgrades you collect and unlock as you cheat death, outlive your competitors, and climb the rankings to become a star,” according to Supertrick Games.

A press release mentions that SPLithium from Let it Die will return, and in a PlayStation Blog post, the developers confirmed a free-to-play format with — you guessed it — “cosmetics that fit your personality and style via in-game purchases or season passes.”

According to producer Shuji Ishikawa, Deathverse: Let it Die is primarily about “survival-type battles, but depending on the season, limited-time game modes are also available.”

Using a Wilson bot as a shield in Deathverse: Let it Die

Players will be able to wield their Wilson (“a special robotic unit”) in combat and transform it into “all kinds of weapons, like hammers, knives, katanas, and more.” There’s also talk of “nigh-invincible Hunters” showing up mid-match to make things even spicier.

If it weren’t for all of the regularly scheduled emails we get from GungHo about Let it Die passing certain milestones, I’d be shocked. As of September 2021, the game had earned seven million downloads. Who are all of these maniacs out here playing Let it Die still?

I see you, and I respect you. Also, talk about a weird sequel trajectory for a funky Grasshopper Manufacture joint. Just one question: what has Uncle Death been up to?