Destiny 2's Leviathan raid has a Power range of 260 to 280


That’s… doable!

Prior to any of the expansions launching for Destiny, I gave the game an hour or so before I moved on, never to return. This weekend, I spent most of my waking hours playing Destiny 2. I dig it. And now here I am, happily reading up on and covering the sequel. I almost don’t recognize myself!

The loop of bouncing around the world map to engage in public events, picking up the odd patrol here and there as time allows, and dropping off a whole bunch of tokens all at once for a nice payout flowed so well that I just couldn’t stop. The shooting in Destiny is amazing — that’s no surprise — but I didn’t expect everything else surrounding the shooting to click with me so suddenly, and to this extent.

Those of us who have cleared the campaign and begun to grind our Power levels should be pleased to know that Destiny 2‘s first raid, which is planned to go live on Wednesday at 10:00am Pacific, won’t require too much setup. According to game director Luke Smith, it “has a Power range of 260-280.”

Destiny 2’s first Raid has a Power range of 260-280.

— Luke Smith (@thislukesmith) September 11, 2017

It’ll take some investment, don’t get me wrong, but hitting that minimum won’t be bad.

If I can reach 270 without dipping into the nitty-gritty of leveling guides (basically: don’t clear out all of your Milestone quests right away) or messing with alternate characters, you probably can too. I mostly played the way I wanted to play, and had fun. Powering up to 280, though? That’ll be a war of attrition.

With the raid news out of the way, I now patiently and cautiously await Xur’s arrival on Friday.

Luke Smith [Twitter]