Destiny data miners uncover new quests, missions and social spaces


More places for you to dance with strangers

Destiny fans have already uncovered new secrets sitting in the game’s recent 1.1.2 content update.

While we already knew that there would be a new social space in The Reef, Reddit user ShdwFlm’s backstage snooping has confirmed that you’ll be able to “collect Reef bounties, forge new allegiances and test themselves in the Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris”in a new area called Queen’s Bay.

Also uncovered in the patch is a second new social space, Halls of Amentet, a three-player hub on Mercury. Apparently “only true champions, tested in the Trials of Osiris, dare set foot in these fabled halls.”

Though there’s no new raid, an arena area entitled The Prison of Elders – a “combat arena that pits brave Guardian Fireteams against the solar system’s deadliest enemies” — might signal a new horde-type mode. It’s also speculated that House of Wolves will include a new Moon strike — The Shadow Thief -plus three new story missions, three new quests and three new PvP maps… with another two hinted at, but not specifically detailed. Yet.

There’s also 46 new ship schematics of which only one — the Manus Celer Dei — is an exotic.

    House of Wolves releases May 19.