Destructoid celebrates the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda


Zelda Week comes to a close, bitches

It is with great sadness that I must announce an end to Zelda Week here on Destructoid. For the past several days, we’ve put together a series of articles about The Legend of Zelda in celebration of its 35th anniversary. When Nintendo announced a Direct this past week, I was sure there would be a big blow-out for the franchise, much like what it did with Super Mario.Alas, all we got was the confirmation of Skyward Sword HD.

There are still 364 days left for Nintendo to hold some sort of official celebration for The Legend of Zelda, but for today, Destructoid has you covered with a wrap-up of all the articles our writers posted over the last week. Settle in because there’s some excellent reading below.

Ocarina of Time