Destructoid community interviews: JuIc3


He who nepped it, depped it

Welcome back to another Destructoid Community Interview! This time it’s Juice aka JuIc3 aka Revrevolution. A long-time member who has helped reinvigorate the community engagement around here, especially after bringing along a partner in crime to spread the love like an unstoppable wildfire.

Striderhoang–Okay, so how did you first find Destructoid?

JuIc3–Man, this is a good question. I think I’ve been lurking since about 09 or so? I think what really drew me to Destructoid though was good ole’ Jim Sterling. I wasn’t a regular here, but it was hard to ignore his reviews.

Striderhoang–So you’re participation was on and off through the years?

JuIc3– Yeah I’d say so! I traced my first alias ‘Revrevolution’ the other day back to 2012. I was a regular guy at IGN before then, but the community there just didn’t feel very friendly to me. Destructoid was a very cool place to check out when I first jumped over.

Striderhoang– It seems to be something I would take for granted. I don’t normally engage in too many meaningful conversations via front page comments but Destructoid’s for the most part stays on course.

JuIc3– I think that’s definitely how I started, and I got to know a lot of the ‘regulars’ pretty quickly. People were very welcoming.

Striderhoang– So what is your favorite game? Is it tied to your favorite console?

JuIc3– The game that comes to mind for me is actually Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Genesis. I have a poster framed above my TV that says “Are you up 2 it?” Fun little motivator. The Genesis isn’t really my favorite console, but I grew up playing it and the Master System.

Striderhoang– I’ve always liked the original trilogy on the Genesis. Generations is one of my favorite contemporary titles.

JuIc3– Oh absolutely, I go to Generations a lot for my quick fix, since it handled the classic and newer Sonic gameplay so well. “Chemical Zone” is still my all time favorite, and one of my favorite level OSTs.

Striderhoang– Chemical Zone’s music was one of my favorites, both the original mix and remix.

JuIc3– Haha yeah, it’s pretty poppy! I just cranked it up while we’re chatting haha.

Striderhoang– I’ve forgotten to employ this question over the past few interviews but, if you meet one Dtoider in person to narp it up, who would it be?

JuIc3– Easily Larxinostic. Larx is just a guy that I have a lot of admiration and respect for. Him and BlazeWii are the ones that kind of got me back on track with the community, and I’m very grateful to both of them. He is indeed the top Nep.

Striderhoang– [shakes fist] Nep!


Geese Nep!

JuIc3– Hahaha, I’m sure somewhere Gundy is crudely grinning.

Striderhoang– Personally I’d show Larx around Berkeley, one of those boba places I like, Purple Kow.

JuIc3– That would make for a very hot date. Maybe get a couple cold cans of soda… smooge a little

Striderhoang– I ain’t gonna find smooge on urban dictionary though.

JuIc3– Just use your imagination – it’s a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Hahaha, of course my companion…catpanion? Malika turns and asks me what that means xD.

Striderhoang– It sounds gross, whatever it is.

A sort of grab someone by the collar and tell them to never divulge any information of what transpired.

JuIc3– It’s not like I need to worry about people reading this or anything.

Striderhoang– So it was Larx and Blaze who got to Batman Returns to the community huh? What was different that you asked Malika to join in the weirdness too?

JuIc3– Wow, so much, man. This site has changed a lot since I kind of faded out, the Quick Posts are something that is huge, and I’m a BIG fan of them personally. Malika just saw that I was becoming really active on here and wanted to get in on it. I warned her… I really did. I tried to save her soul…but some people just can’t be reached, you know?

Striderhoang– Little did you know she fit in better than you thought. Worse than better; fine.

JuIc3– Oh yeah she’s a little trooper. She is truly Newtoid, but she does very well. Sharing this site with her really makes it all that much more special to me, honestly.

Striderhoang– So that’s an i right? Or it could be a lowercase L? I think I just took for granted that it was Juice.

JuIc3– Hahaha, let’s not discriminate, okay? Capital I and lowercase l need to be loved equally. You can’t tell the difference between I and l?

Striderhoang– Malika reminds me of Malik from Yu-Gi-Oh. So a New Testament God Egyptian Card Player.

JuIc3– Oh lord, don’t mention that in the interview. Her ego will get so big :3.


JuIc3 is spelled out (J u (capital i) c 3) Juice. It’s confusing I know. I was influenced a little bit by a former forum member named PK who had the nickname juicebox. Also, it’s quirky like me!

Striderhoang– ah, PK.

[shakes fist] PeeKaaaaaay.

JuIc3– Really fun guy, hope he’s doing well!

Striderhoang– He knocked me out in the first Smash tourney.

JuIc3– Remind me not to enter into any of those >.>.

Striderhoang– Well that does answer my question about the origins of Juice 2.0.

It’s like the interview, interviews itself.

JuIc3– It’s a small, small world haha.

I do try to keep all my influences at Destructoid in tact. This place has really grown on me and helped me grow over the years. I think I touched on this in my blog about community not long ago, but I appreciate having this place as an outlet to really express myself.

Striderhoang– I think the quick posting and Discord has really helped it over time.

I think in a way, it can be a sort of forums 2.0, existing outside its traditional mortal coil.

JuIc3– Definitely, they give users the opportunity to interact more regularly. I played Doom earlier with malthor (from Germany) and TheLimoMaker (from the UK) because of the connections we’ve made on here. It’s a very different vibe then the forums of old, but it also gives us the chance to be silly and build even stronger relationships.

The amount of culture and diversity is just fantastic.

Striderhoang– I think the vibe is definitely more mellow and easier to get into. The old forums to me used to be about growing a thick skin to participate in a pretty rough and tumble crowd.

JuIc3– Yeah, I certainly had a couple of individuals that I didn’t get along with. That was one reason why I kind of drifted away at one point, but I feel like the way things are clicking now, it’s a much more open and welcoming environment.

Striderhoang– I wonder how much bigger the Discord server could get if more people joined, how much more chaotic it could be in some dark timeline where the whole site used it.

JuIc3– It’s a bit scary, isn’t it? It’s pretty active, especially during E3. I think the numbers have continued to go up though, as new faces drop in all the time.

I know it’s also open access to, so anyone (and everyone) should feel free to join in!

Striderhoang– What consoles do you currently own anyways? And do you have anything you’re looking forward to? Do you share access to games with Malika, have different games, or just you?

JuIc3– Currently I own a 2DS, a Wii U, a PS4, and I’m on Steam a lot. I actually got the 2DS recently so that Malika and I could play Pokemon Sun and Moon together, really excited for that. I think I’m really looking forward to some of the upcoming games mentioned at E3, such as Horizon, and I’m personally excited for releases such as Persona 5 and Gravity Rush 2.

Malika and I tend to play games on the Wii U a lot; Mario Kart 8 and Mario 3D World are just so fun to sit down and play together.

Striderhoang– Owning a Wii U for a while makes me miss actual gaming socializing like joining friends’ games and being on chat. I want to get a PS4 especially because it has tons of fighting games exclusively among the likes of Bass and Larx but its just not in the cards right now.

The side chat has gone through some trends of talking out on depresstoid it seems and the job market is certainly tough.

Otherwise I think Monster Hunter will hold me over until Pokemon so I’m sure everyone will be on that.

JuIc3– Yeah I’m thinking about picking up Monster Hunter on the Wii U to play with some friends who frequent it. I think they play well on the 3DS, so I can only imagine how well it plays on the Wii U.

Striderhoang– Oh, 3 Ultimate?

That’d be hard for me to go back. 4U became so diverse in map design and terrain. It’s my understanding the game was completely flat until 4U came around.

JuIc3– At the time 4U came out, I had a New 3DS XL, so I got to try it on that. I found it to be better then 3U, but it would be nice to play it in High Definition (don’t ask what happened with the 3DS btw…I’ve gone through so many >.< ).

Striderhoang– yeah, I don’t blame people who want it back on a console but I’m just glad to get it at all since starting on 4U.

I think we can pretty much wind down about now.

JuIc3– Cool cool! Hope I gave you enough to go off of.

Striderhoang– Any parting words for the listeners?

JuIc3– Don’t worry about what others think all the time. Have fun. Put yourself out there and make the most of it, you never really know what you’ll find and who you’ll meet. Also, cocks.