Destructoid's E3 2019 Game of the Show is…


You’re breathtaking

Now that E3 2019 is fully in the rear-view mirror and we’ve had time to rest up and reflect on what we saw at the show, it’s come to this: naming a winner. Destructoid’s E3 crew settled on a list of a dozen very different video games. Some nominees aren’t far off. Others feel like they’re an eternity away.

While E3 itself was fairly mellow in terms of press conferences, there was no shortage of games we’d like to play again as soon as possible (and from the less-germ-ridden comfort of our own homes). One name, in particular, stood out. It’s a game that came up time and time again throughout the week.

Square Enix actually did it. Final Fantasy VII Remake is Destructoid’s E3 2019 Game of the Show.

Our big E3 winner was such a powerhouse that we previewed it at the expo not once, but twice. As we continue to learn more details about how Square Enix is approaching this highly anticipated and heavily scrutinized project, Final Fantasy VII Remake feels less like a typical release and more like an event.

Part of that feeling stems from the sheer gravity of this game. It’s not just appealing to ardent fans who, in many cases, had FFVII enter their lives at a critical age it’s also reaching out to first-timers, too. No matter which group you fall under, I’m convinced that we’re in for something special.

It’s been a long wait for this remake, and it isn’t getting any easier. In less than a year, we’ll be back in Midgar, but things won’t be the same as we left them. That suspense is scary and thrilling all at once.