(Update) Platinum are envisioning Astral Chain as a potential trilogy


Sales will dictate new franchise future

[Update: Director Takahisa Taura has recently tweeted that he was misinterpreted by IGN Benelux, and that Astral Chain is not designed as part of a trilogy but that he said he was “thinking about various ways that it can be expanded into a trilogy or more.”]

Upcoming sci-fi action title Astral Chain isn’t even in the hands of the players yet, but developer PlatinumGames already have big plans for the new IP, provided it proves a hit release.

Speaking with IGN Benelux, director Takahisa Taura has revealed that although there is no DLC planned for the mech vs. aliens adventure, the game is potentially the first entry in a trilogy. “Currently, there are no plans to publish extra content for Astral Chain,” Taura told IGN. “We’re making the game as a trilogy, and this is the first part of that trilogy. If this game sells well, we might see how the story of the series continues.”

It’s always a dice-roll decision to plan a franchise’ long-term future before seeing how the original title performs. While Astral Chain is an unproven entity, Platinum have a reputation for producing well-received games. Whether Astral Chain turns out to be a Bayonetta, or a NieR: Automata, remains to be seen. Most importantly, here’s hoping that the first game has a self-contained story. Ending on a cliffhanger, then deciding to can any planned sequels, would be disappointing to the potential fanbase.

Astral Chain launches August 30 on Nintendo Switch.

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