Detroit: Become Human is taking PC players for a ride in December


Real human being

It’s neat to see prominent PlayStation games find their footing on PC.

Detroit: Become Human managed to pull in players who were curious about Quantic Dream’s brand of storytelling but not enough to go through with Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls, and soon, the studio’s android-starring adventure will grow its base even more. The long-time-coming PC port of Detroit is following its predecessors with a December 12, 2019 release on the Epic Games Store. It’ll be $40.

How is Detroit? Here’s a quick word from Chris, who found the sci-fi game flawed, but coherent:

Detroit: Become Human, like most Quantic Dream games, is filled with muddled symbolism and a spark of hope amidst its most interesting universe yet,” he wrote in his review of last year’s PS4 version. “It doesn’t have anything particularly new to say, but it delivers in terms of drama, to the point where I started a second playthrough shortly after my first seven-hour-ish run.”

The game also looks fantastic, a feat that should be even more pronounced on PC.

I don’t know how I’ve made it this long, but it’s happened, just now, years later than it should have: the name Detroit: Become Human suddenly looks wonky as hell to me. I’m aware that it’s been a strange title this whole time, but the true gravity of its strangeness was lost on me until right this moment when I said the words “Become Human” out loud for the first time (???). Brains are weird.

Detroit: Become Human [Epic Games Store]