Development on Kickstarter-funded Midora paused


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[Update: So this is odd. “After much debate and thinking, Midora‘s development will resume soon. A Kickstarter update explaining why and Early Access news are coming soon.”]

Midora, a crisp-looking action-adventure title from Epic Minds, is now on hold. The $73,470 raised through Kickstarter “was never enough to begin with,” according to the game’s director Mhyre.

The project has ballooned beyond its original scope to what Kickstarter backers could rightfully call worrying new heights. “I have a vision, and that vision keeps getting better and better,” Mhyre explained. “I am not taking the game too far, I just want to create the perfect gem. It might sound insane to spend so much time perfecting everything or even starting over in some parts of the game, but that’s just who I am, how I work, and I intend to make the best game possible.”

The team had intended to get a work-in-progress build of the game up on Steam Early Access as a way to solve its money problem, hire more developers, and push forward on Midora. But that hasn’t happened. “While most of the assets for Early Access have been roughly finished for some time now,” says Mhyre, “we still do not have a satisfying demo.”

That leaves Epic Minds in a rough spot. The team is unwilling to sign with a publisher and hasn’t had any luck with private investors, so it has decided to make a new game, Treasure Addicts, as a stopgap. “We picked [an idea] we liked, which is game that would be easy to make, and started working on it about three weeks ago. So far, we have made excellent progress on it.”

Reminder: there are no guarantees when it comes to crowdfunding.