Which of Devolver Digital's gorgeous gallery of E3 games was your favorite?


Chili Dogs Not Included

Yesterday’s E3 festivities saw Devolver Digital drop its latest entry in the DCU (Devolver Cinematic Universe). It was a little more low-key than previous events but, honestly, I think that was the right call in what is set to be a lower-key E3 altogether. In between all of the chili dogs, buzz speak, silly satire, and lashings of the lovely Miss Nina Struthers, Devolver took the time to showcase a string of great-looking games, with every single one of them looking very promising.

For your consideration, here is every trailer featured in the Devolver Digital Max Pass + live stream. I think all of these look pretty great in some form or fashion, a testament to underground gaming’s battalion of fantastic creators.

Which one is your favorite?

Shadow Warrior 3 – Flying Wild Hog – 2021

Still no release date for Flying Wild Hog’s ridiculously destructive shooter sequel, currently in the works for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. We did get a new sizzle reel of total chaos, as gun-toting hero Lo Wang lays waste to armies of gross and grisly monsters. With the violence and speed of a Doom, coupled with some colorful and electrifying visuals, I’m very much looking forward to Shadow Warrior 3‘s eventual release… whenever that may be…

Trek to Yomi – Flying Wild Hog – 2022

This was my favorite title of Devolver’s stream. Dripping in Kurosawa style and with the overall aesthetic of a classic Toei movie, Flying Wild Hog’s Trek to Yomi is a dramatic and intense adventure that will follow a young swordsman, Hiroki, as he faces insurmountable odds and personal tragedy on a claret-spilling journey across feudal Japan. This trailer pushed all of the correct buttons for me, and I cannot wait for its arrival on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox in 2022.

Phantom Abyss – Team WIBY – June 22 (Early Access)

We got a fresh look at Team WIBY’s challenging Phantom Abyss, currently in development for PC. The great central gimmick of this dungeon crawler sees all players treasure-hunting within danger-filled temples, with the caveat that each player can attempt each temple once and once only. The temple closes once a player makes it past all of the hazards. As you explore, you can see the ghosts of all of the players who came before you, which may provide a heads-up on the incoming perils. Phantom Abyss enters early access June 22.

Wizard with a Gun – Galvanic Games – 2022

Perhaps the trailer which turned the most heads — and with good cause — was this preview for Galvanic Games’ Wizard with a Gun. Described as a multiplayer sandbox title, Wizard with a Gun blends the powers of magic and machine, as players use powerful alchemy and equally powerful firepower to explore a distinct fantasy world, absolutely dripping in beautiful, colorful style. Wizard with a Gun looks fantastic from a visual standpoint, and here’s hoping it has equally engrossing gameplay. We’ll find out more in the coming months, ahead of the title’s 2022 release on PC and Switch.

Death’s Door – Acid Nerve – July 20

A new trailer for Acid Nerve’s Grimm-style adventure Death’s Door, which launches on PC and Xbox July 20. Taking up the role of a soul-reaping crow, players will explore a dark but wonderous fantasy world, as our feathered hero attempts to retrieve a stolen soul from a land where death has no meaning, and everything grows and ages far past its natural expiry date. Destined to be a cult favorite, Death’s Door is expected to see a strong launch when it arrives on Steam next month.

Inscryption – Daniel Mullins Games – 2021

While many of the titles in the Devolver stream were creepy-cute, Daniel Mullins Games’ Inscryption was just plain creepy. This very unnerving puzzle title will blend tabletop gaming, deck-building roguelikes, and “escape room” titles with a disturbing visual style and some very unsettling psychological horror. The below trailer demonstrates the dark title’s atmosphere far better than I ever could. Inscryption will launch later this year on PC via Steam.

Tumble Time – Devolver Digital – 2021

Every Devolver Digital E3 stream is usually accompanied by a satirical title and 2021 is no exception. Tumble Time is an incoming puzzle-based mobile title, clearly ripped from the many money-grubbing works found on Facebook or within the catalogue of certain mobile game developers. A release date was not announced, but Tumble Time will launch on iOS and Android platforms at some point in the near future, so make sure that your credit card deets are up to spec.

Demon Throttle – Doinksoft – 2021

One of the first releases from new label Special Reserve Games, Doinksoft’s retro-inspired shmup Demon Throttle embraces 8-bit NES-style visuals and tongue-in-cheek humor as two heroes battle hordes of enemies from the underworld. Demon Throttle will receive a limited, physical-only run on Nintendo Switch. The game will be available for sale until October, so be sure to get your order in before then if you’re after a copy, as this is sure to be a title that will hit the aftermarket scene. All orders until October will be filled. Demon Throttle is available for pre-order right now on SRG’s website.

If you want to check out the Devolver Digital E3 Max Pass+ stream in its entirety, then check a look below.

Full Devolver Digital E3 2021 live stream replay