Devolver Digital is holding a digital convention for Strafe with prizes


Dial-up not recommended

I really like the way that Devolver Digital has been promoting Strafe. The official website is stylized like something from the early internet and even all of the promotional videos are riddled with film grain and VHS artifacts. It emanates that late ’90s vibe they keep pushing the game with. I’m not so certain that every concept in Strafe is from 1996, but it surely looks the part.

What definitely isn’t from 1996 is a “digital” convention, which is what is next on the docket for promotional build-up to the May 9 release of the game. From May 4 to the 8th, you’ll be able to visit Strafecon by going to After getting your “digital” tickets, you’ll be able to check out streamers playing the game and have a chance to win digital codes for Strafe or one of the numerous Collector’s Editions by participating in the chat rooms.

Along with that, Devolver has uploaded the official launch trailer for the game. It looks like Strafe is set to release for real this time. Hopefully the game doesn’t lag out before then.