Diablo's Necromancer is headed to Heroes of the Storm


He’ll be joined by the Wizard

Someone’s been hitting the gym since his Diablo II days! The fan favorite Necromancer (Xul) and Diablo III‘s Wizard (Li-Ming) are coming to Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard revealed today.

There isn’t an official breakdown of these characters yet, but Blizzard did talk about them in depth with a few different websites. Heroes Nexus has a good recap of the pertinent information. The short of it? Xul is a disruptive melee specialist and Li-Ming is a ranged assassin with a high skill cap.

Game director Dustin Browder described the difficulty in getting the Necromancer ready for Heroes of the Storm to GameSpot. “People remember different skills,” he said. “Corpse explosion was something a lot of people remembered. It really depends on how you played it, and people became very passionate about which version of the Necromancer should ultimately go into the game.”

“If we’re supposed to be in a concept phase for a hero for six to eight weeks, he was easily twelve or more.”

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