Did you know the Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons kids have names?


Also, the game re-released today

It’s been two years since I’ve played through Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, but that’s going to change tonight. The game just re-released on Xbox One and PS4. I bet I find it just as emotionally evocative and generally fantastic (despite the controls never working) as I did when I reviewed it.

(By the way, that was my very first review for Destructoid. Crazy how time flies, huh? I used to be like the little brother and now I’m like the elder brother. That makes Jordan and Chris the crazy grizzled grandpas.)

Speaking of the actual brothers, one thing that I never picked up on when playing is that the siblings have names. Did you know that? Naia is the elder blue brother, and Naiee is the younger red one. It makes sense because they yell that to each other, but I just assumed it was gibberish like everything else they say.

Anyway, Brothers – A Tale of Naia and Naieeis available today on those shiny new(ish) consoles if you didn’t have a chance to play it yet. Also, if you’re the Achievement or Trophy-hunting type, give my guide a gander. It’ll point you right toward everything you need to complete this game.