Digimon World: Next Order has some new screenshots


How many Leomon will die this time?

Dang, Digimon World: Next Order is looking really pretty. Bandai Namco has released a whole load of new screenshots for the upcoming (currently Japan-exclusive) Vita game. The screenshots show off the two lead protagonists and their Digimon partners.

The leads are called Takuto and Shiki, while their partners appear to be series mascot Agumon and undeniable-best-of-all-digimon Gabumon. Digimon from later series are also scheduled to make an appearance, including Tamers’ Guilomon. However, we haven’t seen them in-game just yet.

Digimon World: Next Order is due for release in Japan next year. Those outside of Japan shouldn’t worry though, because Digimon Cyber Sleuth is still scheduled to be released globally next year too.

Digimon World: Next Order Screenshots Show More Of Its Protagonists And Their Partners [Siliconera]