Disgaea 5 Complete launches in May on Switch, with all PS4 DLC


Good things come to those who wait…on DLC

Disgaea 5 Complete, which Nintendo is helping to showcase on their national pre-launch Switch tour, now has a release date in Europe — May 26. NIS is expected to launch the US version during the same time period.

As a reminder, the “Complete” Switch version will arrive with all of the DLC from PS4, and will support both tablet and TV play, like the majority of Switch games. However, like all Switch games, you can’t use both like the Wii U — in other words, playing on the TV while using the tablet as a map is right out. I’m really going to miss that bit.

Either way Disgaea 5is good, and deserves to live on in some form. I hope the Switch version sells enough to warrant more releases on the platform.

Disgaea 5 Complete launching at the end of May [Nintendo Everything]