Dishonored 2's New Game Plus mode is better than expected


Mix and match Emily and Corvo’s abilities

Prepped and ready to take on New Game Plus in Dishonored 2?

If so, you’ll be able to play the mode as early as today on PC, where it’s currently available in beta form. The finalized update is set for PC as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Monday, December 19.

More than just a chance to continue on the path you started in your first run, New Game Plus mode will let you use “each hero’s full suite of abilities plus all the Bonecharm Traits and Runes collected from your previous playthrough that you can re-assign to choose the powers you want.”

On top of that, if you played as Emily the first time through and want to switch to Corvo for your New Game Plus run, you’ll be able to do exactly that (and vice versa).

As I’ve said before, it’s too bad this wasn’t in from the get go, but plenty of folks are just now gearing up for a second (real) playthrough, and the ability sharing between Emily and Corvo sounds terrific.

Per Bethesda, “Even more options to customize your experience will arrive in January with the game’s second free update that will include two new features: Mission Select and additional Custom Difficulty Settings that further tailor to your playstyle and adjust the challenge based on a wide array of settings.”

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