Disney wants you to buy and read a book to get ready for Star Wars Battlefront II


‘Inferno Squad’

Right after Disney disavowed the expanded universe, they made it known that they’re keen on expanding the hell out of Star Warsonce again. In addition to explaining howCaptain Phasma escaped certain death in Force Awakensby way of a comic, they’re also commissioning a book that serves as a prequel to Star Wars Battlefront II, which is also said to be cannon.

Christie Golden will be penning Inferno Squad, a novel that’s set between episodes IVandV,that takes a look at the history of the elite special forces team that witnesses the death of the Emperor and the destruction of the second Death Star on Endor. It’s out on July 25, well before the release of the game on November 17.

Sidling up a previously unheard of yet formidable team within the narrative of the original trilogy is a smart, and safe move — it’ll probably pay off.